Real Estate Exam Prep Master

There’s no better way to study and pass your real estate exam. Eliminate the worry with our proven exam prep program. 

KHAOS ACADEMY IS 100% State-Approved



"Exam prep really helped me pass the state exam, this program is a must! At least it was for me" -Darrin B.

What is Real Estate Exam Prep Master?

Exam Prep Master is a complete real estate test prep solution that's designed to help you pass your real estate exam on the first try. With more than 20 years in the real estate education field, we applied our research, expertise, and experience to build an exam prep course comprised of the major testing formats and questions found in real estate state exam testing.

Why should I take Exam Prep??

The key to passing your real estate exam on the first try is not to have the MOST knowledge, but the right knowledge when its time to take the test. 


While the pre-license course covers all the information Georgia requires, the exam does not map directly to it. This often catches exam goers off guard, and some do not pass despite hours of studying and preparation.

Whats included in Exam Prep???

Exam prep includes the ten crucial topics found on all testing service exams as well as the majority of state exams. Additional highlights include (2) 100 question practice exams (one for salesperson and one for broker). All in all, our exam prep covers 1,000 questions on real estate content.