5 Pro Tips for Starting a New Real Estate Career

The start of any new career can be a combination of excitement, new challenges and nerves. If you’ve decided on a new real estate career, one of the best ways to navigate your path is by soliciting the help and guidance of those who have come before you. Other real estate agents, brokers and real estate professionals often have insights that can’t be read or learned in a book; they’re in the trenches on a daily basis and have a wealth of information to share!

We’ve compiled some of the most important advice we’ve heard from seasoned agents to help you get started:

Find Your Niche

First and foremost, be yourself! You don’t have to be a cookie-cutter agent. Think about what you can offer to your clients that makes you stand out from the rest – your niche. Maybe you come from a long line of real estate agents, and selling homes runs through your blood. Perhaps you grew up on farmland and know exactly what it takes to purchase and manage large acreage. Do you want to specialize in first-time homebuyers? Whatever makes you passionate about real estate, run with it.

Don’t Do it Alone

Consider finding a mentor that you can turn to when you need advice, have a question or need guidance. This concept also comes into play when you’re selecting the brokerage you’ll work with. Do they offer mentoring, continuing education, training, etc.? What is your learning style? And, does that brokerage have the tools and resources – whether technology-based or via mentorship – that you need to be successful?

Build a Community

Make sure you’re building your network. As you attend more meetings with other real estate agents, community events, or even having lunch with a friend, you’re bound to meet new people. Each new person you meet is an opportunity to network and get your name out there. This doesn’t mean only talking to people that are looking to buy or sell a home, but being generally active in your community. It could be your doctor’s sister looking to buy or someone you bump into at your local coffee shop. Get out there and meet as many people as you can.

Create a Schedule

Since real estate agents usually do not have mandated hours, it is important to set a schedule for yourself. For most, working in real estate means working off 100% commission. There’s no base pay, so your earnings are based on what you’re able to sell. While this can be scary, especially when you’re starting out, it can also be motivational. Set goals for yourself and then create a schedule and plan to achieve them.

Study Up

As a real estate professional, you can never know too much about your local market. Immerse yourself in the neighborhoods, planning and development, community events, schools and activities, housing trends and more. Your goal should be to become a go-to resource on your community. A real estate career is one that requires you to always be learning;, so it’s important to start off on the right foot.

There’s no set roadmap to success

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